STREET TALK: Katrina takes us for a look around Tarcutta Street

– Hi, Katrina here from PRD Real Estate. Welcome to another episode of Street Talk. Today, we’re in Tarcutta Street. Come and have a look around.

Tarcutta Street is one of the main, and well-used roads in Wagga, linking in the top end of town to the bottom end. It was named after Tarcutta Station and village, east of Wagga Wagga, and being the road leading from the center of old Wagga Wagga towards Tarcutta. The word Tarcutta is an Aboriginal term meaning meal made from grass seeds, and damper made from grass seeds. Tarcutta Street now consists of rental terrace houses, Airbnb properties, motel accommodation, and a few residential properties. Thanks for watching another episode of Street Talk. Leave a comment below if you’d like us to visit your street. Leave a comment, and we’d love to go along.