STREET TALK: Kansas Drive, Tolland with Scott

– Hey guys, it’s Scott from PRD. Just another episode of “Street Talk”. We’re in Kansas Drive today. Let me show you around.

Kansas is a Midwest state of the United States of America in which Wagga Wagga’s sister city, Leavenworth, is situated. Kansas was admitted as the 34th state of the union in 1861. Which takes it’s name from the local tribe of Indians known as the Kansas tribe. Leavenworth was the first city of Kansas in 1854, known as “Where history of the West Began”. Affiliation of Wagga Wagga with Leavenworth was established in 1962.

Kansas drive in Tolland is a very popular street with views across the city. The highest sale price was just over one million dollars in 2012.

Well that’s it for another week of “Street Talk” guys. Thanks for tuning in.

Please comment below on which street you’d like to see next. Cheers.


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