STREET TALK: Graham Street with Rhonda


– Hi, it’s Rhonda from PRD, and welcome to another edition of “Street Talk”.

And today we are in Graham Street in Lake Albert. Graham Street in Lake Albert was named after Edward Graham who was the father of the Honorable Edgar Hugh Graham, state member for Wagga Wagga and minister for agriculture and food production.

Edward Graham was born in Ireland in 1833 and came to Australia in 1850. He then relocated to the Wagga Wagga District in 1860. Edward Graham was the first man to drive a bullock team from Wagga Wagga to Sydney and back. He also drew the piles for the first bridge over the Murrumbidgee at Wagga Wagga, which was built as a toll bridge in the early 1860s by the Wagga Wagga Bridge Company. He took up farming and grazing in the Lake Albert area and continued living there until his death in 1916.

Thanks for watching today. Let us know in the comments below if you want us to do your street. Thank you, again.


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