STREET TALK: Chisholm Place, Lloyd with Kellie

Kellie is our Operations Manager and she didn’t love doing this video, but we think she did a great job!! Give her a thumbs up!

– Hi, it’s Kellie from PRD in Wagga. Welcome to another episode of Street Talk, and today we’re in Chisholm Place. Chisholm place in Lloyd was named after Caroline Chisholm.

Caroline was a tireless and devoted worker in the interests of immigrants to the Australian Colonies. English-born, she settled in Sydney in 1838 with her husband. Her welfare work centered mainly on young women and family groups. She returned to London in poor health in 1866, where she died in 1877. A reproduction of her portrait, together with a sailing ship and pioneer women design, is featured on the old Australian $5 Bank note.

Chisholm place is a cul-de-sac tucked away in the quiet suburb of Lloyd, and has an average sale price of $346 thousand. Thanks for watching today. Leave a comment below, and let us know what street you’d like us to do next.


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