STREET TALK: Chambers Place with Katrina


– Welcome to another episode of Street Talk, I’m Katrina Chambers and today we’re in Chambers Place. Come and have a look!

Chambers Place was named after Mabel Chambers, which was my husband’s great-grandmother. My kids are a seventh generation Chambers family members and we actually have an eighth generation member still living here in Wagga.

Mabel Maud Chambers was the first woman to be elected to local government in Wagga Wagga, and she was a pioneer upon local government women. Mabel Chambers was elected as an Alderman of the Council of Wagga Wagga on the second of December 1944. She served there until the 23rd of October 1946 when she resigned.

Mabel conducted several cafes and a boarding house at various times. During World War II, she was the chair person for the local anti-TB campaign and for some years, she was matron at 2WG’s old people’s home known as the Haven on Bourke Street.

Her husband, Maurice Chambers, was foreman at the Daily Advertiser and retired from there after 48 years of service.

Mabel was active in the Wagga Wagga branch of the Australian Labor Party and at one time was campaign director for Edgar Graham, the member from Wagga Wagga, who became the Minster of Agriculture.

Chambers Park in Tolland was also named after the family.

Thanks for watching this week’s episode of Street Talk. Let us know in the comments below if you’d like us to choose another street or you’d like us to visit somewhere different next week.


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