STREET TALK: Best St, Wagga Wagga

G’day, Ryan Smith, from PRD Wagga, and welcome to Street Talk.

We’re here in Best Street, Wagga Wagga, right in the heart of Central, ladies and gentlemen.

Parallel to the main street with four blocks of predominately residential houses, with a couple of commercial buildings as well. With 95 houses and 44 units, it’s a really popular street on the sales and rental market.

Best Street, named after Robert Holt Best, the first settler in Wagga Wagga area, who took up land in 1832 on south banks of the Murrumbidgee River. He named this land holding, Wagga Wagga Run. The original homestead built on the river flood plain was destroyed in a 1852 flood, and a new homestead was erected on the higher ground, now known as Flowerdale. The family graveyard of the Best family still exists in reasonable proximity to the present day Flowerdale homestead. Robert Holt Best died in 1853, age 40, following a fall from his horse, and was buried in the family graveyard. His young son Robert Holt Best Jr, who was always killed in a fall from the horse a short time after his father’s death, is buried beside his father. The family graveyard referred to is a short distance to the northeast of Clowes Place, off Truscott Drive, Ashmont.

Best Street, Wagga predominately sells very well, and is a popular place for people looking to buy. The highest sale price recorded in Best Street is $960,000 in 2019. In the last 12 months, five properties have sold in Best Street, and 10 properties have been leased in the last 12 months. Predominately at 45% owner occupier rate takes hold of Best Street, Wagga.

So that’s Best Street, ladies and gentlemen, in Central Wagga, here. We’d love your suggestion for the next Street Talk, so put a comment below, and let us know what street to go to next.

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