STREET TALK: Beckwith Street with Harry

– Hi, it’s Harry from PRD. Welcome to another episode of “Street Talk”. Today we’re in Beckwith Street, come and take a look.

Beckwith Street is one of the oldest streets in the city. It would also have to be one of the prettiest. Named by Major Sir Thomas Mitchell, a Surveyor-General who assisted in the first sub divisional plan of Wagga Wagga in 1849. He named Beckwith Street after one of his fellow officers in the 95th Regiment of Foot with whom he served during the Peninsular War in 1809 under the Duke of Wellington. His name was Sir Thomas Sydney Beckwith.

The highest house sale price was $1.32 million and the average sits around $398,000.

Thank you for watching this week’s episode of “Street Talk”.

Let us know what street you wanna see next in the comments.


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