Sell a house, not your home

A house very quickly becomes your home. You add a plant here and an armchair there and before you know it, your house has become a cosy place you call home. When the time comes for you to sell your house, it’ll be difficult for you to see your home as anything else.

Here’s a quick guideline for turning your home into a house:

Clean everything up. Pack up all the itty-bitty things and go around the house and pack anything that seems personal. That family portrait you have hanging by the fireplace for years and that flamboyant clock that was given to you as a gift, all the things that are flashy and has made this house your home will have to go.

Less is more. Think of display homes when you are staging the house. Something elegant and simple will make the house appear neutral and spacious rather than having it look overly personalised and cramped.

Of course, you could present the house completely empty, but the goal is to help potential buyers picture themselves living in it.

Make it easier for potential buyers. On the day the house is opened for inspection, potential buyers are coming in to see how this house could be their home and not how they could fit into what’s already there. This means the more neutral the decor is, the more the potential buyers can imagine how they could turn the house into their home.

The all-important first impression. The exterior of your house is the first thing prospective buyers will see. That first impression may determine whether they continue to explore your property further or move on to the next listing on their schedule.

You want to make sure that you’ve got everything outside neat and tidy before anyone sets foot inside. There is no point in improving the interior if no one comes in to see it.

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