ONE MILLION Facebook views on targeted campaigns!

Online marketing isn’t going anywhere, it’s not a fad. Anyone can add a post to Facebook and hope for the best, but the real results come from targeted campaigns.

As of January 2019 72% of the ENTIRE Australian population had some form of Social Media.

Social Media users in Australia increased from January 2018 to January 2019 by 5.9%.

On average people with social media spend 1.5 to 1.75 hours a day on it.

We’ve got this sorted at PRD. With over one million Facebook impressions from OUR property campaigns (just this year) we get results!

Go social with the experts at PRD.

At PRD it’s not just about posting a photo of your house on socials. We engage our audience. We keep them coming back because they want to and they find it interesting.

Our online content has variety and ranges from –

  • Tips, tricks and trends
  • Latest industry news
  • Stats and figures
  • Street Talk
  • How to prepare your house and garden for sale
  • How to style your property
  • Get to know our staff and the work behind the camera that goes to preparing your property for rental or sale

We are Wagga’s experts when it comes to your online marketing campaign.

We produce high quality photos, videos and social engagement.

That’s why we’ve just hit over ONE MILLION Facebook views on targeted and specialised campaigns alone.

Check us out online for yourself and chat to one of our staff members on how we can help you prepare for sale or assist in getting the next long-term tenant in your investment property.


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