Managing Agency Checklist

When looking for the agency that’s right for you, it is important ensure that they provide you with the correct information.

Here’s the checklist PRD recommends…

  • They should know your why. Everybody’s reason is different and can be an extremely important factor.
  • Justification behind the rental value they give you. They could either under value it so that it rents as easily and quickly as possible or over value it, just to get the business, resulting in weeks’ worth of lost rent.
  • A checklist for helping you get your property prepared for lease.
  • Marketing strategy and costs associated. Promotion is crucial which means professional photography, not just snapping a pic on their iPhone!
  • Advise you on your obligations as a landlord.
  • Highly recommend landlords insurance to you.
  • Ask you whether there are any outstanding works to be completed and offer to assist you with these. They should also ask if you have any preferred tradespeople.
  • A simple one: actually attempting to inspect the property themselves.
  • Provide you with a Rental Appraisal Market Report.
  • A detailed outline of their fees. These need to be compared apples for apples between agencies. Make sure you know exactly what you will be paying!
  • MOST importantly, they need to be someone who you can get along with! They will be contacting you regularly so communication and trust is priceless!

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