June. The first month of winter. The month where the blankets come out of storage and the hot chocolates heat up in the microwave. We all know how to get ourselves prepared for the cooler months - but what should we do when it comes to our homes?

Prevent cold spots
Inspecting your house for cold drafts and leaks will assist in a warmer home this winter. Walk around and check any windows and under doors for cold drafts. Doing this in the months leading up to winter is beneficial to keep the home warm – with an added bonus being saving money on upcoming gas and electricity bills.

Clean Air con filters and vents
Making sure the vents are clean before starting up the heater this winter is essential. To reduce the build-up of dust and allergens, a clean should be completed before the change of each season.

Test heating appliances
One of the leading causes for house fires in winter is faulty appliances. Because of this, it is extremely important to test heating appliances for faults and damages before their continued use this winter.

Stay warm this winter with PRD!

Amelia Wood (2021)