How to make a smaller room look larger

Hang your curtains to the ceiling

Don’t just hag your curtains to the top of the window frame. Go all the way to the ceiling to draw the eye upwards. It will create the illusion your ceiling higher is larger than you think. Similarly, make sure they finish right at floor level.

Lighten up your colour scheme

You’ll be amazed at the transformation when you lighten up any linen, throw cushions, accessories and even the furniture. Sanding dark timber pieces back or painting them white will dramatically make the room feel larger.

Add an accent wall

Not suggesting a dark coloured feature wall, but more like a VJ wall which will give the eye somewhere interesting to focus immediately.

Ditch the blinds

Get rid of the blinds and let the natural light in. If you emphasise the natural light, you’ll make the room feel bigger. If you do want some covering for the window, why not try a soft sheer.

Statement art

Use art which is large and creates a presence in the room. It can be either abstract or a picture/landscape. It will add character and keep the eye looking up.

Use mirrors

Mirrors reflect light and always makes a room feel bigger. Make sure mirrors are bouncing back an image of open space, or greenery.

Add storage

It’s no surprise that less clutter in a room will make it feel larger. If you can add built-ins, or under window storage, or even better, do a big cull, you’ll make the room feel more spacious. Everything needs to have a place so you can pack the room up and show off it’s potential, rather than just looking at clutter.