Here’s Why Having a Tidy Home Is Beneficial for Your Health

No matter what your organisational style is, having a clean and tidy home can have profound benefits on your health. Here are some of the health benefits to maintaining a tidy home.

A Decluttered House = Less Overwhelm

Clutter and piles of items left on surfaces like benches and tables can cause feelings of overwhelm. The piles literally scream for someone to sort them out, and that someone is often YOU. Every day, spend 15 minutes placing items back where they belong, and if they don’t have a home, make a designated spot. Clear surfaces will remove the feeling of overwhelm. Life is busy enough to be reminded of what jobs are piling at home to be put away.

An Organised House = Saves Time and Less Heart Racing Panic

Looking for items can waste time and cause unnecessary stress to your day. Organising your house ensures you know where everything is and don’t need to go through piles of items to find what you’re looking for. It also helps if the family gets in on this and returns items from where they got them. It also helps kids know where to place the item once they’ve used it.

A Clean House = Happiness

The way our home is presented and organised can have an effect on our emotions. A clean home will evoke feelings of happiness and belonging. When your house smells and looks great, it will trigger calm feelings which are the stepping stones to happiness.

A Tidy House = Less Mental Burden

The state of our house can affect our mental health. Have you ever woken up to make your morning coffee and been greeted by a kitchen with last night’s dishes and pans strewn over the kitchen sink and benchtops? It’s a depressing sight and it can affect your mood for the day. It also adds to the mental list of things to get done that day. A tidy house will prevent unnecessary stress to your day.

Cleaning = Body Workout

Your physical health benefits when cleaning a house because it gets your body moving. Breaking a sweat while cleaning the bathrooms and increasing your steps while vacuuming, does wonders for the heart and body.

A Well Presented House = Boosts Pride and Self-Confidence

A well-presented house from a simple tidy and clean can boost your pride in what you own. And there is nothing wrong with being proud with a house you can clean and maintain.


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