Cheap real estate agents – Are they worth it?

It goes without saying that selling a property is about maximising your return. But all too often people make the mistake of focusing on agent commission rates rather than the total dollars in their pocket at the end of the sale.

In your search for savings, imagine you find an agent who is willing to secure the sale of your property for an extremely low rate of 1.5 percent. There are many reasons why an agent might charge such a low commission. Usually, one or more of the following factors is driving the low rate of commission:

  • The cheaper real estate agent is newly qualified, without extensive experience selling homes in the area.
  • The cheaper real estate agent is desperate for listings.
  • The cheaper real estate agent is offering a lower price but also is willing to spend less time with you and potential buyers to secure top price for your property.
  • The cheaper agent does not have a marketing campaign for you.
  • The cheaper agent doesn’t charge you for presentation of your property.
  • The cheaper agent does not have the biggest buyer pool in the area.


If an agent is promising you a surprisingly high sale price and is willing to sell their services very cheaply to achieve it, the chances are the agent is struggling for clients. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Choose a real estate agent who has:

  • A proven track record in securing successful sales of properties just like yours
  • An extensive network of contacts
  • Has a marketing campaign in place
  • Uses all forms of media to advertise
  • An excellent reputation for success
  • Motivation to sell your property quickly and for a good price
  • Demonstrated their credentials with customer reviews they have received
  • The ability to get the greatest price for your property


Remember, a good way to approach the sale of your home is by concentrating on an agent who will bring you end results with maximum exposure on your property.


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