Cheap decorating tips

A change of season, a new home, or just tired of the same old look? But need to work within a budget? Today we have 5 cheap decorating tips to share with you.

Add a side table

Console tables are just about everywhere these days. And they aren’t expensive. Kmart and ALDI have selections that you can easily use. Even if you don’t like the colour, you can always spray it a new colour. Choose something which is considered minimal. It will be easy to prop against a blank wall with a small amount of effort.  Add a stack of books, a plants and some candles and you’re done.

Hang a gallery wall

This one is so simple. You can make this happen in no time at all. Frames are so cheap to buy at Kmart or IKEA. You can download prints from Etsy, or shop online at a place like Norsu or Lila + Lola. Stick to themes – like black, botanicals or floral. Whatever you fancy. Just head to Pinterest and type up gallery wall and you’ll have endless ideas.

Make your own bedhead

You can totally do this. It’s not that scary! A piece of simple plywood can transform your bedroom in no time. You can use pallets, cane screens, wood offcuts, or even fabric. It’s so cheap and the best part is that you can make it as tall and as wide as you like. Pinterest will have pages of inspiration.

Stack some books

Ok not for everyone (especially if you’re a minimalist), but a stack of books adds interest to a room. They easily fill corners and gives purpose to all those magazines we collect. Stack them high for interest or colour coordinate books on a console table. Use them on coffee tables too. Don’t let all those magazines gather dust in your garage or spare room – get them out and use them!

Add a mirror

A mirror can be used just about anywhere. Every room, every wall… You can’t go wrong. It reflects light, makes the space feel bigger and easily fills that space ‘you don’t know what to do with’. Check out Kmart and IKEA for cheap mirrors. Or if you’re feeling clever, look for a mirror for sale on those Facebook buy swap sell pages and add your own frame.

Last weekend Katrina and Kellie (from our office) got busy making over Kellie’s bedroom with some easy tips.

Before and after…