5 items you should never leave at the op shop

Who doesn’t mind a bit of op shopping and trawling through local second-hand stores? It is true what they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. And with a bit of creativity and a lick of paint, anything can look new again. Turning second hand items in to new pieces for your home is a cheap way to fill that corner you weren’t sure what to do with. You should never leave these 5 items at an op-shop.

Cocktail glasses from long ago

Remember those beautiful, textured and glamorous cocktail glasses your grandma used to have? Maybe it was a whisky glass or champagne flute? With the return of the bar cart, everyone is in search of exquisite glassware to display. And your local op shop is where you’re going to find them! The best bit is that they will be a lot more durable than what you can buy today.

Mid-century chairs

Look past the dated fabric and look for a solid frame with little to no wear. Fabric can be replaced so keep an eye for a piece that really stands out. If you score a bargain here, you’ll never regret this one. A stunning statement chair could be all that corner in your home needs.

Cane bedheads… cane anything really!

Cane is making a huge comeback from plant stands, bedheads, bed side tables, shelving – the list goes on. If you are lucky to spot a piece of cane furniture, ensure it is in great condition (or can be easily repaired) and snap it up. Even if cane is not your thing, try your luck selling it on your local buy swap and sell page. I can almost guarantee a profit!

Wooden furniture

If you don’t mind spending a weekend sanding, painting and varnishing, second-hand wooden furniture can be a great find. You want to look for unique pieces; something a little bit different. With a lick of paint, new handles and drawer knobs, you will end up with a stunning and unique piece of furniture for a fraction of the price of something new.

Picture frames

Ignore the painting and look at the frame. You can easily pop the canvas out and replace it with something you love. Again, a good sanding and maybe some paint, and you can easily afford some new artwork for your walls.


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