4 Tips to Help Sell Your Property Faster

Whether you are financially committed to another house, relocating for work or going through a relationship breakup, sometimes it’s necessary to sell your property as fast as you can. Whatever the case may be, a quick sale is good sale and selling your home doesn’t have to be a long and drawn out process.

Here’s our top 4 tips to speed things along and sell your property quickly.

1.     Be Realistic When Setting the Sale Price

Every weekend we hear stories of homes selling for hundreds of thousands above their reserve price and it’s easy to get carried away with how much you think your property is worth. If you’re genuine about selling your home, you need to be fair and realistic with the price, especially if you are facing a highly competitive housing market. By setting the price too high, you run the risk of deterring people from inspecting, and ultimately, buying your property. How do you set a fair price? Be objective and compare your home to other similar properties that have recently sold or are currently for sale in your area. You can also have your home professionally valued, and this will give you an accurate price point to begin with. Listing your home at a reasonable price will help to generate increased interest and sell your home faster.

2.     Fix Up Minor Issues

Present your home in a way that buyers feel like all they need to do is pack up and move in, so be proactive and complete and minor repairs before you list your property. Even if you don’t have the budget or time for major renovations, it’s important to make small repairs like fixing a broken door or patching a hole in the wall. Paying attention to the details and solving small issues can really make a difference, as there’s nothing worse for potential buyers than viewing a property and seeing all the little things they need to fix before they move in. Don’t give buyers any reason to think there’s lots of work to be done that will cost them both time and money.

3.     Style Your Home for Sale

Dressing your home for success is vital to securing a quick a sale. In fact, research has shown staged homes sell about 87% faster and for nearly 17% more than those left alone. Declutter your house, put any outdated furniture in storage, and hire professionals to style and stage your home. Home staging is all about creating an inviting atmosphere and getting buyers to feel emotionally connected to your home. Don’t be out off by spending money on styling, real estate professionals estimate you can make $5 for every dollar spent on staging your house properly. Regardless of the size or design of your home, the right presentation can give it definite wow factor. Ensuring your home looks as good as it possibly can, is highly important to the success of your fast sale.

4.     Choose the Right Real Estate Agent

Many people selling their home choose the most recognisable agencies, or they use the agent the bought the property through initially, or worse they try to sell without an agent. It’s important to remember the biggest agency in the business isn’t necessarily the agent who understands your local market, what buyers in your area are looking for, or the best tactics to sell your house. Do your research and select an agent that is highly experienced with selling homes in your area, has a proven track record of recent successful sales, and has sold similar properties to yours.


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