3 ways aerial photography can help sell your home

The use of a drone and aerial photography is growing significantly in the real estate industry. They help give an overall view of the property, its location and sizing.

A good real estate company will be able to easily produce drone photography and videos.

Why use aerial photography to help sell your home?

1. A stronger marketing campaign

If you want to stand out from the competition you should consider using drone photography and videography. With social media encouraging us to share more and more content online, you need to make sure your marketing campaign will set you apart.

2. A better property insight

Give your potential buyers a better perspective of your land size, position in the suburb and what the surrounds offer. This is particularly good if a buyer doesn’t live in your area and wants to look at this before making a trip to see the property. If you have something special, like large land size, live near a beach or a park, then an aerial shot can really help to show off its best assets.

3. Attract serious buyers

Most potential buyers would have already looked at your property online before making contact with the agent. And with aerial footage this also helps attract serious buyers. You would have already screened out those not interested in living in your area.

If you’re thinking of selling, then make sure your real estate agent can produce good quality drone footage to assist your marketing campaign.


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